Hi, I'm Tikirey! 👋 What's good?

I write about how, with the help of neuroscience and highly practical Neurotools, achieve what I call a Harmonious Life - a life full of meaning, effectiveness, high performance, practicality, wealth, and deep connections with other people.

I'm also an independent AI researcher, citizen computational neurobiologist, and problem solver (a.k.a in cool kids circles - an entrepreneur) with a Master's degree in Computer Science (sorry, PhD). I do a lot of cool stuff like studying neural computations in a human's eye or creating a first company under the brand Davinci (more soon...)

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Re-Association Self-Therapy: How Asymmetries Create Inactions

Any thought starts with another thought. Any concept is connected to some other concept. It's a relative web, and connections are being created and destroyed continuously. I can't really think of a case where a thought (or a concept) will hang in mid-air without being connected to something else...


The Evil You Don't Know or Why You Should Stop Running From Your Problems

There is an ancient story about a man who came to the sacred mountain and started praying to God. God saw it, came down to earth, and asked him what he's praying about. The man said: "God, I have all these problems. I have a bag of problems I'm carrying all day long: my wife is not feeling well, my children want to go to the war, sheep are always being eaten by wolves, my legs hurt, and my neighbor is wealthier than me..." and so on and so. God listened carefully and asked a simple question: "What do you want me to do?"...


Measuring Air Temperature with Your Eyes or How Most Businesses Operate

If somebody ask you to measure the temperature of the air using only your eyes, you would call this person crazy, right? You can't detect how fast or slow molecules are moving. It's a metric. We know the temperature - we can react accordingly. -20C (-4F) is different from -20C (14F) and you can even use a different coat or something. Now, ask an entrepreneur about systems. Probably, most of them will ...


Necessity is All You Need To Learn Faster

Our brain doesn't like to change much after we hit 25 years. At least, that's what neuroscience discovered recently, and there is a reason why. Before that milestone, brains are literally floating in neurotransmitters like dopamine and acetylcholine. The former is our internal reward system. The latter is intended to mark neurons that were most active during some activity (a.k.a learning). So, why 25, after all? ...


Moving Fast Requires Moving Slowly

"This title is nonsense, it's contradictory!" you might say, and it's true to some extend. Life is complex and full of opposites. Have you ever thought about why? I did. At some point, I found out that I don't count the context. At all. I tried to apply learned knowledge to every situation. Tried to generalize the knowledge and... failed.


Knowing Where to Stop and Reroute

The secret door of the mind hides on the plain sight. The fact that our brains are using such energy for both saving and destroying. At one moment, you are full of energy running towards your dreams with the help of calculated steps. A second later, you are an atomic bomb of savagery. It might go the opposite as well: you are full of self-calculated doubt and then, an atomic bomb of euphoria.