Knowing Where to Stop and Reroute

I don’t know if you noticed that in your life but the human spirit is ravenous. Its nature is simple - push fountains of energy to the veins to overcome the nature trying to kill you.

The secret door of the mind hides on the plain sight. The fact that our brains are using such energy for both saving and destroying. At one moment, you are full of energy running towards your dreams with the help of calculated steps. A second later, you are an atomic bomb of savagery. It might go the opposite as well: you are full of self-calculated doubt and then, an atomic bomb of euphoria.

It’s a direction of energy that matters. Stepping into one direction long enough has the same effect. Both emotional and logical system could go frenzy at some moment.

Laying down with ever-growing laziness on the beach. Sipping cold drinks. Hearing sounds of the playful ocean. You will get a bothering feeling of boredom after a week or two. Ignore it and the brain will go all-in. It’s like you are allowing yourself to forget about the world. The problem? Hard to get back on track.

Analyzing all intricacies of the world without a concrete goal ends up in the same place. First, you start noticing the same patterns scattered all around. Second, you start expanding to the question “Why we are here?“. After N iterations, you will go to the end of the universe and back. The result would be a strong conclusion of meaningless. The problem? Hard to get back on track.

That’s why it’s so important to know where to stop.

That’s why it’s so important to reroute energy one step at a time.

A step of feeling the euphoria. Take a deep breath. Reroute. A step of doing a hyper-rational analysis. Take a deep breath. Reroute. A step of feeling happy in the company of lovely people. Take a deep breath. Reroute. A step…