Moving Fast Requires Moving Slowly

“This title is nonsense, it’s contradictory!” you might say, and it’s true to some extend. Life is complex and full of opposites. Have you ever thought about why? I did. At some point, I found out that I don’t count the context. At all. I tried to apply learned knowledge to every situation. Tried to generalize the knowledge and… failed.

That made me think that something was going on there. Something interesting that’s worth a deeper look. I believe that our mind is like a tool and without supervision it becomes like a crazy firehose (try google “crazy firehose” - it’s guaranteed you will find several funny GIFs). Maybe for some of you, it’s obvious that you cannot just apply some principle in every situation, but for me, it was a revelation.

At that point, I just tried to split knowledge into what I call Neurotooling or Neurotools (yeah, yeah, kinda buzzy but c’mon - it works and explains things - what else is needed?). A neuro tool is a method of handling information flowing through our nervous system.

Let me give you an example of one of neurotools called “Moving Fast Requires Moving Slow” (for convenience).

For instance, imagine you are trying to create a product (just stay with me even if you hate business). The market sends millions of signals every day: hot trends; TikTok/Instagram stars showing their lives and selling a course on how to be like them (or apparel); YouTubers explaining a new hot niche; market analytics from big players selling it for $2000 bucks a report. All this shit, you know, that distracts but gives you the feeling that you’ve learned something.

Now imagine you will react to every signal from the market - eventually, the market will eat you and move on, right? It’s because your focus is an extremely limited resource, and the market is gigantic, consisting of millions of people focuses. They do what they want at the moment, and you can’t chase them all.

Such reacting comes from the idea that you need to be the fastest cowboy in business. Always ready. Always keeping your hand on a pistol holster - ready to grab every daily opportunity. It’s like High-Frequency Trading - you are trying to catch a signal in the stock market noise.

Now, let’s invert it. We remove our finger from the trigger (and even holster, heck) and stay still. “It’s fucking new trend, let’s jump, we’re going to be a millionaire,” says the mind. Stay fucking still. “C’mon, our competitors are already doing the product, and we’re procrastinating,” repeats your mind. Stay fucking still.

After a while, you will start noticing quite interesting patterns. Competitors went out of the business. Trends that were a fad. That Instagram influencer who showed off appeared to be broke as heck. That “new exciting dropshipping opportunity” becomes so densely populated that, in chasing it, the first market movers looses all money they made on Facebook ads (because they didn’t put a budget limit or something).

The market is always moving, it’s Brownian motion. To move really fast - you need to know the way first. How to find it?

Move slowly. In a swamp, you carefully consider every move. Here is the same.

Moving slowly, while observing the market and not reacting to the daily and weekly (heck, even monthly) noise, will open up some obvious but hidden trails. All you need to do then is just to make a step, and you are ahead of everyone else.

P.S. It’s not easy or simple. Reacting to everything is, what I think, human nature by default. Changing it and taking control of impulses require special training. The funniest thing that for such an important skill, there are literally no courses or people who can provide guidance. What a mess…

Why is everything important in life always so hidden that you can’t find shit without spending days contemplating and meditate?