Captain's Log of Neuroscience #1: What biological neural networks actually do?

This articles is a fun process of publishing my "captain's log" for learning neuroscience and it's mostly addressed to my future self (it just happened to be online).
If you still find something interesting you want to talk about - feel free to contact me!

Captain's Log, stardate 0x1140FF5.

Recently, I've been thinking about how to deconstruct the biological neural network operations into higher abstractions. The main question why some specific neuron create an action potential in some point of time: a.k.a. what information it process and how this information looks like? What is the shape of such information?

I imagine that biological neurons are simply an unknown to us weird and strange computational platform and something peculiar is happening in one or two levels of abstraction above such a platform. Simply by the emergence property.

It's the same idea what's happening in our modern computers where hardware is sophisticated platform for operating zeroes and ones but we put meaning into 0 and 1 by creating programs. Neurons are just a sophisticated platform for operating brain's zeroes and one then.

The problem is that I focused too much on learning the brain's hardware because it's much simpler and it often seems that the progress is just around the corner. In my current understanding, the magic will happen when the higher abstraction level is being researched.

For instance, my intuition says that an eye is a good starting point to understand higher computations and how they look like. Started investigating it.