Measuring Air Temperature with Your Eyes or How Most Businesses Operate

If somebody ask you to measure the temperature of the air using only your eyes, you would call this person crazy, right? You can't detect how fast or slow molecules are moving. It's a metric. We know the temperature - we can react accordingly. -20C (-4F) is different from -20C (14F) and you can even use a different coat or something. Now, ask an entrepreneur about systems. Probably, most of them will ...


Moving Fast Requires Moving Slowly

"This title is nonsense, it's contradictory!" you might say, and it's true to some extend. Life is complex and full of opposites. Have you ever thought about why? I did. At some point, I found out that I don't count the context. At all. I tried to apply learned knowledge to every situation. Tried to generalize the knowledge and... failed.