Pausing Your Emotion Theatre

My hobby is to run dozens experiments on my mind, and ask inconvenient questions such as “What really is mood and where it comes from?” Once, when I was contemplating about survival mechanisms of humans, I spotted an interesting tendency.

Why the heck emotions tend to continue past the situations forcing incorrect decisions afterwards. It doesn't make any sense. Emotions are supposed to be some sort of behavior modifiers or indicators showing what the situation is about without thinking. They should be short like burst of fire to show and disappear.

It wasn't like that. For instance, if you made a mistake and wasted some time without results. What you need? Detect the mistake, feel how bad it is to understand, come up with correction or behavior changes and move on. Clean, precise, elegant. It doesn't work like that though.

Emotions move past the context, start to accumulate, grab other emotions and the Emotion Theatre is born. A play is going on the scene, new actors come to the main act, then somebody start singing, steam machine, lights, drama, drama, drama...

When I asked a question "How the heck does it help surviving or improving life?", only one answer came: it doesn't. It will not help you to change your mind structure, improve the situation, come up with creative solutions, or figure out the best way to move forward. Reason? Because when it's happening, you are focusing all your attention to the play going on and not on reality.

You become the theatre.

I found only one solution so far: simply, to pause it. Getting awareness of the theatre is the first step. Then, when you detect it, it's much easier to stop the play of emotions, back to the reality, analyze what's happening, and move forward with a conscious decision.